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Digital charts

Postby Michael of Cambria » Sat Oct 04, 2008 6:41 pm

I have just spent a frustrating day trying to find out about digital charts for the west coast of South America - in particular, from Panama to Peru for the moment, Chile in the future. Does anyone know of a source for these? It seems like the Old Wild West out there with regard to these things.
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Postby RBEmerson » Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:36 am

Have you considered the SSCA forum? I'm sure someone there has a useful answer.
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Postby amkaplan » Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:02 pm

As near as I can figure, the British Admiralty has ENC charts available. See <>. Seems as though there's some sort of subscription service required, though.

Otherwise, Bellingham Charts has electronic charts for many different brands of plotters. Pricey, of course. <>

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