Merry Christmas...
...Hyvää Joulua

From the Beddoe Family

Greetings friends and families.

Another year has flown by. This year started with the most snow we'd ever seen in Minnesota and ironically has ended with absolutely no snow on the ground. Celia turned 5 years old in January. She enjoyed a great birthday party with her friends from Kinderplatz (daycare). After this summer, she moved up to kindergarten.

In the spring, we visited Salolampi - a Finnish Language Village in Northern Minnesota hosted by Concordia College. The other kids in that picture are from the Kyllonen family, so no, we do not have 5 daughters.

Over the summer, Sonja and Celia visited relatives in Finland for 3 weeks without the company of mom, dad, and Emma. They seemed up for the challenge and had fun visiting their Finnish family.

Sonja and Emma both had very active soccer experiences this year. Both played for the local youth league for Minneapolis United. Sonja also played in the Park League while Emma played her first year with the High School team.

With Celia in Kindergarten, we now have three children in all three of the public schools; Hale Elementary, Field Middle School, and Washburn High School. An academic year to remember! All have taken on their respective educational experiences with surprising enthusiasm. Emma managed straight 'A' report card so far for her Freshman Year. Sonja continues to demonstrate her mathematical strengths while also participating in the High School Gymnastics program. And Little Celia is really enjoying her first year in school. I'm sure she is 'enhancing' the classroom quite a bit.

This summer saw the first year we have not sailed in over 10 years! Soñadora was put in drydock while I restore a lot of the areas that needed restoring. While I had hoped to finish over the summer, that just didn't happen. Now she is covered in a temporary shelter. The shelter is heated and I have been trying to spend as much time as I can to do work over the winter.

Even though we did not get to sail Soñadora, Emma and Sonja got a big dose of sailing over the summer through a full-time sailing camp, learning and racing 420 sailboats with the Lake Calhoun Sailing School. Emma will be sailing with the High School Varsity sailing time this spring.

Emma is in Finland for Christmas this year. It will be a strange Christmas morning for us, but I know she will be enjoying herself.

So far, this winter has been very mild. We currently have no snow on the ground and none forecast. Temperatures will be near 40 on Christmas day. I honestly can't say I mind.

To our close family and our close friends, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here in the Beddoe Home:


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