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Last Saturday I was having a cup of coffee before heading to the boat to work for the day. From upstairs Emma called down, asking when I was leaving. "Can I come and help?" She said. WOW! That really meant a lot to me. She had been to the boat a couple times before, but I never really tasked her with anything major. With my goal of completing the deck in February (goal missed), 013[1].jpgI was anxious to get work done. With Emma joining me, I was able to cut my prep time in half. She helped with finish sanding of the seams vacuuming out the seams and more importantly - masking.100_8497%20(Medium)[2].jpg

After vacuuming, We then cleaned out the grooves with a rag and some acetone. Then it was time to mask. That took about 3 hours and if I would have had to do it by myself, I would be way behind instead of just a little behind.

Masking of the deck is a very tedious job. In hindsight, if I ever do this again (which I never will), I would fold up the ends of the tape so as to provide a means for removal. It was a major PITA to take the tape off.

I initially had visions of filling all the seams then going back with the putty knife to press the stuff down. It's good that I ran out of stuff and decided to press it down in stages. There's no way I could have gone back with the putty knife after all the seams were filled. So I started at the bow and worked toward the stern.

Speaking with others about this, the suggestion was to remove the tape before the stuff cures. 100_8499%20(Medium)[1].jpgOtherwise, you risk pulling up the seam with the tape. No way I wanted that to happen! So I pulled up the tape while the goop was still wet. 100_8502%20(Medium)[1].jpgWhat a freaking mess! Surprisingly however, I did not get any of it on me and I managed only minimal 'goopage' on the deck. On the other hand, I did get it all over the beams of the shed because I used them to steady myself. Still have one side to go and will hopefully get to it this weekend.


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