The Home Stretch

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100_8831 (Medium).jpgIt's been sweltering hot here in Minnesota. We're breaking records all across the board. Inside the boat shelter, temps are approaching 120 degrees. I am not paid enough to work in those conditions. So I have to open up the shelter and let the cool, outside 96 degree air into the shelter. Maybe the upside is that all that varnish and paint I'm applying is getting 'baked in'.

I need to be as close to 100% done by the end of the month. On August 2, we will be shipping SoƱadora up to Superior, WI to Barker's Island Marina. We will still have some loose ends to tie up, but hopefully nothing major. If we're lucky, we'll be in the water in August and will be able to take the boat out a few times before winter. But who knows, maybe with all this warm weather, we'll have 70 degree winter in Duluth.052.jpg

The main deck has been sealed and the cockpit deck will be sealed by the weekend. All other deck parts (grating in the bow and cockpit) are ready to go. I did manage to discover a wonderful surprise, however. Seems a leaking deck fill had caused a major portion of the 'keyhole' 100_8816.jpgbulkhead to rot. I will be focusing on that repair next week. There are a few teak odds and ends I may have to put off until next year. Here is the stuff I need to finish:

  • Fix rotted bulkhead
  • Wiring including panel fabrication
  • A/V installation
  • Instruments
  • Refinish cabin sole
  • Install headliner
  • Install holding tank
  • Finish hatches

Whether I can finish or not, is moot. I need the psychological break to get the boat to Superior.

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