Building my own sails

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SoƱadora's sails are old and worn. They may even be the original sails from 1978. They are soft and cuddly. Like bedsheets. Which is not the way sails should be.

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I've been pondering this for years. A new suit of sails from a reputable loft like Hood or North would cost around $5k. It's a pretty major investment. And a necessary one if you like sailing.

The kits come with EVERYTHING. All the panels are pre-cut. All thread, glue, tape, etc comes in the package. One of the interesting items is the battens. They are shipped in one piece that will need to be cut down. Since this thing is 9' long, it's difficult to ship. The piece is fashioned into a hoop and taped that way for shipping. These have to be un-hooped right away. 


There are warnings all over the box stating that this needs to be opened outdoors and held away from your body. It's basically a spring.

As I slowly cut away the tape holding it into a loop, I decided it would be easiest to hold it between my knees while I cut away the tape.

Just before getting whacked in the nuts, I realized this might be a bad idea.

It was.

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